Coliseum Motor Company was founded almost 100 years ago at a time when the population of Casper was less than 3000 people, and at a time when there were virtually no automobiles in town. Around 1910, Mr. P J O'Conner, took a building located at 5th and Wolcott and established the "Coliseum Garage". By the time the company was incorporated as Coliseum Motors in 1914, it was the largest Dodge dealership in the state, selling Dodge, Page, Hudson, Franklin, Pierce Arrow, Peerless, Cadillac and 7 kinds of trucks.

The Company has survived the Great Depression, World War II, when the government froze sales of new automobiles, and the near collapse of the Chrysler Corporation in the early 1980's. It not only survived, it flourished, and in 1989 it expanded by acquiring "Big Wyoming Oldsmobile and GMC Truck" and in 1997 the Jeep, Cadillac, Pontiac and Buick franchises.

William Nolen, Michael Holland, David Mertz and Clay Hawthorne acquired the dealership in 1994. Since its inception, it has been successful and grown; while under the Nolen group it has experienced its greatest growth, employing at one time over 100 people at its various locations. The new ownership is very much part of the Coliseum tradition, Bill Nolen, the current president and principal owner, has been with the company since 1977 and continues the over 100 year tradition of integrity, honesty, friendliness and belief in Wyoming. This is why a large percentage of our sales are repeat business and customer referrals. Bill Nolen explains, for 74 years Monte and Rob Robertson preached and practiced the rule. It is this philosophy that is at the heart of the company's success and will drive it into a future that is filled with promise and success.

Coliseum Motor Company is currently located at 6351 East Second Street in Casper, Wyoming and Features a Large Selection of Quality Used Vehicles at Fair & Reasonable Prices.

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Our Inventory changes all the time but we try to have a nice selection to choose from

  • Used Buick Cars & SUVs
  • Used Cadillac Cars & SUVs
  • Used Chevrolet Cars, SUVs & Trucks
  • Used Chrysler Cars & SUVs
  • Used Dodge Cars, SUVs & Trucks
  • Used Ford Cars, SUVs & Trucks
  • Used GMC SUVs & Trucks
  • Used Honda Cars & SUVs
  • Used Hyundai Cars & SUVs
  • Used Jeep SUVs
  • Used Kia Cars & SUVs
  • Used Nissan Cars, SUVs & Trucks
  • Used Subaru Cars & SUVs
  • Used Toyota Cars, SUVs & Trucks
  • Used Volkswagen Cars & SUVs
  • And Sometimes We Might Even Have A Used Acura, BMW, Hummer, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn or Classic Car / Classic Truck, RV, Motorcycle and/or ?

Shopping Car Dealerships in Casper WY means Shopping Coliseum Motors!

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