5 Car Shopping Tips When Purchasing Used Cars & Used Trucks. Anyone can do it and without spending money.

When your Car Shopping for nice Used Cars or Used trucks, here are 5 Car Shopping Tips. These are simple items and don't take but just a few minutes to check. Checking these items on your own will give you a good idea of the general condition of any used car or used truck. Just find a large empty concrete or asphalt parking lot and begin. Coliseum Motors is your best bet when shopping Used Cars Casper WY, Casper Car Dealers or Casper Auto Dealers.

  1. Check the Brakes - when test driving the used car or used truck begin applying the brakes well in advance of stopping. Come to a complete stop but do it very slowly. If you notice a grinding noise or a slight grab or it feels like the brakes are pulsing on their own, you may need to have the brakes inspected. Sometimes this means the rotors need to be turned or the used car or used truck is in need of a complete brake job. Repeat the stop and go a couple times. If you don't notice it anymore it may have just been some dirt or dust.
  2. Check the CV Joints - this is fairly easy to do with FWD (front wheel drive) models and AWD (all wheel drive) models. When you are sure there is no traffic around you begin a tight turn. Turn the steering wheel all the way until it won't turn anymore. Hold it there and make a complete slow circle listening for any popping or grinding noises. Then come to a complete stop and turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction until the wheel won't turn anymore. Again make a complete slow circle listening for any popping or grinding noises. If there are no noises the used car or truck cv joints should be fine. If there is a noise it is possible that a cv joint (and or possibly an axle) may need to be replaced. By doing this on a hard surface you may notice the used car or truck lurching a little. This lurching is normal because you are putting a slight bind in the drive train. Popping or grinding is not normal and should be checked out.
  3. Check the Automatic Transmission - after the used car or truck is warmed up, find an Interstate Highway, Frontage Road or Highway. You will be listening and feeling the transmission shift from one gear to the next. Listen and feel each shift make a solid shift. The rpm (engine noise) should instantly drop when it goes into the next gear and then begin rising as it peaks for that gear. To check this start from a dead stop and safely make a quick hard acceleration (all the way to the floor) and hold it there until you reach the speed limit for the highway or road you are on. Be careful, watching for other traffic and any pedestrians. You don't need to brake any laws or drive unsafe. Listen and feel to make sure the car is shifting properly. When slowing down to get off the highway it may be a great time to be paying attention to those brakes again (pulsing or grinding).
  4. Check the Tires - looking for even tread wear and good tire groove depth. If the tires are worn in the middle of the tire tread it means the tires have been run with too much air in the tire. If the tires are worn on the outside edges of the tire tread it means they have been run with too little air in the tires. If there is a cupping on the outside edges of the tires it means they have not been properly balanced and/or may have a defect in the tire. This can be checked by running your hand along the outside of the tire tread or by looking at the edge of the tread. You are looking and/or feeling for uneven tire wear (repeated high and low spots) on the outside edges of the tire. If you notice excessive road or tire noise and a vibration while driving, be sure and check for cupping tires.
  5. Check the Paint - looking for different shades of paint. Example: A door or fender that the paint seams a little different shade of color than the rest of the used car can mean it has been in an accident and was not properly painted to match. If you find different shades of paint it might be wise to have the car inspected by a professional. Different shades of paint does not always mean the used car is a bad car. It's not uncommon for a used car to have been in a small fender bender. You are just making sure it was a small one not a major accident.

When in doubt ask for the Carfax Report or pay to have a professional check the used car out. It may save you money in the long run. Car Shopping can be very pleasant and with a little effort and extra time it can be very rewarding.

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